What Is The Female Gaze

It's all about assuming the audience is female and being prepared to offer women visual entertainment that they would want to see.

Here's some sites that don't automatically assume that the audience is male.

Bright Desire - Real life couples and artistic solo masturbation scenes.

Porn Movies For Women - Major listing of DVDs and adult movies that are specifically for women, be they straight or queer. Also lots of couples porn.

Female Friendly Porn - A huge listing of quality sites that are "female friendly" i.e. they respect women as an audience and they also respect the female performers.

Feminist Porn Guide - Sites, films and directors that identify as feminist and seek to include the feminist porn principles of ethics, equality and diversity in their work.

Ms Naughty's Porn for Women - Listing of galleries, sites and movies plus a blog with the latest in what's happening in porn for women.

Pure Cunnilingus - Celebrating men going down on women - still rare in porn!